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Now, more than ever before, you must take the time review the process and to collect evidence to counter inaccuracies, misconceptions, erroneous statements, or to correct any item in your evaluation – long, short, summative – that you deem to be misleading or disparate about your evaluation. Even if the evaluation is acceptable to you, a rebuttal should be written for every one – positive or negative; long or short.

Learning to write a rebuttal is, perhaps, one of the most important tools members can use to protect their job. The Association is here to help, but the rebuttal must come from you because no one understands the way you teach better than yourself. More importantly, you cannot afford not to. End of story. Period.

The Robbinsville Education Association has put together a great collection of Rebuttal Writing materials to assist members in developing these important skills. Take the time to review them and reach out to your building representatives if you have questions.

Debi Bella

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”

Frederick Douglass

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